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(MP3s for Tevion)

mp34t is a python script, designed for Ubuntu and other unices but might work on other OSes, which will merge large numbers of mp3 files into sane quantities, remove any tags and name the files so that they play in the correct order.

The requirement came from ripping Audio Book CDs for my (Tevion branded) MP3 player. It was having issues handling large quantities of files and playing them in the correct order (because of tags).


  • Additional packages: v2strip, mpgtx.
  • The script needs to be run in a directory that contains subdirectories containing the MP3 files (usually a subdirectory for each CD).
  • The subdirectories are named in the correct alphabetical order (so be careful of the ol' 1, 10, 11, 2, 3, 4... problem).

Installation: Put it somewhere in your path (eg. /usr/local/bin).

Usage: Navigate to the appropriate directory and type "mp34t".

It saves me so much time and grief. Hopefully it will do so for you too.

The script is available here.